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In Croatia we came in 2005 when the minutes of calls a cell phone standing almost like a kilogram of bread and when he sent a picture meant to skip the morning coffee in the cafe. We came to the market where he ruled duopoly with a desire to make communication accessible to everyone exactly. It was not easy but we accepted the challenge we introduced the simplest tariff and knocked out of the market call rates by 60%. And we stood on it ... We cut the prices of SMS and data transfer built a revolution in the market and customers with both ways. Because we love our users and despise competition. A further? We will continue as before but more quickly and more boldly. We continue to challenge and shake the market for the benefit of users because we are the challenger who never gives up.


S.No. First Name Last Name Job Title Email
1 Malin Holmberg CEO
2 Allison Kirkby Executive Vice President and Group Chief Financial Officer
3 Kim Leandersson General Manager
4 Emelie Paulsson Head of Business Sales & Marketing Support
5 Maja Culig Head of Marketing Communications

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