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Edpnet is an independent telecom provider. We are far from being just an insignificant part of another provider. We have been standing firmly on our own 2 feet for 15 years now and we work day and night (that s right sleeping is not at the top of our to do list) to offer our customers a great price ditto quality and fast personal service. So edpnet is your ‘clever’ alternative for the large telco players. We have a wide product and service range for both consumer and professional market in Belgium and The Netherlands: ADSL VDSL SDSL EFM fiber-optic Telephony (virtual PBX sip trunk mobile …) Hosting: shared hosting virtual hosting co-location and domain name registration. Why you should choose for edpnet? You don t have to but you should see what our aims and objectives are and draw your own conclusions. We always use our healthy intellect. Don t expect some empty mission statement here with lots of weighty words - instead we speak clearly and have clear objectives.


S.No. First Name Last Name Job Title Email
1 Philip Deutz CEO
2 Joachim Slabbaert COO
3 Eline Hertele MarCom Manager
4 Stefan Vercouteren Product Manager
5 Kris Verdonck Customer Care and Operations Manager

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