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Orange Armenia launched telecommunication and internet services in Armenia on November 5 2009. Since the start of its activities in Armenia the company has made more than 277 MEUR investments (including 51 MEUR contribution for the license) and now the company provides a full range of voice and data services in the cities and villages of Armenia to more than 97% of the population. Orange Armenia is a large family in Armenia with more than 800 employees directly or indirectly engaged in company’s daily activity.. 49% of the employees are women and 51% are men. In 2014 and 2015 Orange Armenia was awarded the “Top Employers Armenia 2014” and “Top Employers Europe” certifications . These certifications are only awarded to the best employers around the world: companies that demonstrate the highest standards of employee offerings. The Top Employers Institute’s research assesses all critical areas of the Human Resources environment certifying organizations that can demonstrate they are continuously optimizing employee conditions and leading the way in the development of their people. Within the period of its operation Orange Armenia has leaded a range of innovations in the country such as HD voice which made Armenia the second country in the world equipped with this technology internet at up to 42.2Mbps download speed in more than 500 settlements of Armenia and up to 21.6Mbps in the rest of the network etc. which aim at making the world innovations accessible to the largest part of the Armenian population. Orange Armenia was the first operator in Armenia having organized public demo of 4G technologies making possible for everyone to see and touch the LTE. In Armenia Orange Armenia has also stimulated the market of smartphones being the first to officially introduce iPhone Android-based HTC and by making them accessible to a large part of consumers through special offers. From this viewpoint an exceptional offer is “Smartphonization” implemented first time in Armenia. Thanks to this offer Orange Armenia transformed the market of smartphones transforming them from just an expensive gadget into a first necessity tool. Thanks to direct cooperation with world leading brands today Orange Armenia offers the largest portfolio of phones and smartphones in the country starting at just 1 AMD with one or two year commitment. Orange Armenia has changed the daily life of customers by offering free WiFi internet in public transport bus stops and Universities two cinema tickets for the price of one mobile and personal WiFi and etc. As a responsible company Orange Armenia is active in initiating projects on safe use of internet and providing customers with offers enabling to use internet safely.


S.No. First Name Last Name Job Title Email
1 Alexander Easyan CEO
2 Francoise Caye-Roche CFO
3 Artak Gevorgyan General Manager
4 Khatchic Sarkissian Head of Business Deployment
5 Arsen Hovhannisyan sales & Marketing Director

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