Vodacom South Africa appoints Ogilvy South Africa to deliver integrated through-the-line marketing services

2024-06-10 13:13:14

Vodacom South Africa is proud to announce that Ogilvy South Africa has been appointed as the integrated lead agency to deliver integrated through-the-line marketing services. The appointment will come into effect on Thursday, 1 August.

Vodacom South Africa appoints Ogilvy South Africa

Andisa Ntsubane, managing executive of brand, marketing and communications at Vodacom, says, "Aligned to our operational cadence, periodically, we are afforded the opportunity to review our agency portfolio to ensure that we remain competitive, while at the same time ensuring that our agency ecosystem supports the new direction we are travelling as South Africa's most iconic brand."

"Our efforts enable us to accelerate our shift from a traditional Telco to a future-fit technology communications leader. We are excited at the prospect of Ogilvy South Africa being handed the baton and the responsibility to steward the Vodacom brand into the future as we enter the next chapter of growth," adds Ntsubane. 

Renowned for creating iconic advertising for some of South Africa’s major brands, Ogilvy South Africa was chosen as a partner following a process up against several leading contenders in the advertising and communications industry, according to the provider.

Vodacom adds that Ogilvy's integrated solution is most ideally suited to deliver and service many facets of its integrated account. 

"We are absolutely delighted to be appointed by Vodacom as its integrated agency partner. [It is] a market leading brand that positively touches so many lives in our country and is on an extraordinarily exciting journey from Telco to Techco," says Pete Case, CEO and creative chairperson of Ogilvy South Africa.

Vodacom South Africa has thanked VML South Africa for the significant contribution it has made to enhancing its brand equity over the past few years. More recently, VMLY&R South Africa was instrumental in launching Vodacom's 30th birthday campaign with an iconic ad that celebrates three decades of wonderful — coinciding with South Africa's 30 years of democracy.  

"Their commitment has been pivotal in defining the brand.  We extend VML our best wishes for the future," adds Vodacom. 

According to the brand, Ogilvy South Africa is not new to the Vodacom family.

"By partnering with them again, we hope to reinforce our purpose of connecting people for a better future, while using technology for the good of the people, planet and possibilities through insight-driven strategies that aim to deliver on Vodacom’s business objectives," the brand concludes.