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China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecom) was established on May 17 2000 with a registered capital of 220.4 billion yuan an asset size exceeding 600 billion yuan and an annual income scale of over 330 billion yuan. As one of the three leading telecom operators in China China Telecom has been on the list of the Fortune 500 Companies for many consecutive years. Being an integrated information service provider China Telecom provides customers with integrated information service solutions which cover broad-band Internet access mobile communications information technology applications and fixed-line telephone services. With two holding companies i.e. China Telecom Corporation Limited and China Communications Services Corporation Limited China Telecom is running its primary businesses and secondary businesses in a dual share structure. China Telecom Corporation Limited (Stock Code: HK.00728 NYSE.CHA) went public in Hong Kong and New York in 2002 whilst China Communications Services Corporation Limited (Stock Code: HK.00552) launched its IPO in Hong Kong in 2006. China Telecom has subsidiary operations in 31 Chinese provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) as well as the Americas Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Its broadband Internet and CDMA 2000 mobile communications network boasts the largest size and the top-notch technology across the globe capable of providing fully-integrated information services to its global customers spanning territorial boundaries on the back of its solid customer service channel system. China Telecom has a number of well-known customer brands such as the E-surfing Navigator My e Home and E-surfing Flying Young as well as a host of renowned product brands such as the Best Tone E-payment and so forth to serve its huge customer base. By the end of 2012 the number of China Telecom's broadband Internet access customers exceeded 100 million the number of its mobile customers stood at around 160 million and the number of its fixed-line telephone customers hit around 170 million. In recent years China Telecom has firmly taken hold of the market opportunities of the booming mobile Internet and the increasing demand for vertical information technology solutions. To that end the Company has positioned itself as a leader of smart pipes a provider of the integrated platform and a participant in contents and applications by promoting the in-depth strategic restructuring pushing forward innovations in the development pattern implementing business policies for differentiation and optimizing the business structure to achieve economy of scale in further expansion. Meanwhile the Company has been making every effort to improve its strengths in innovation service intensiveness and operation whilst striving to build its core strength for sustainable development and the parallel growth of the corporate value and the customer value. As the Company continues to expand in a healthy fashion it is also earnestly fulfilling its social responsibilities by integrating its business operation into the sustainable economic social and environmental development to promote social harmony and progress. The Company has been proactively promoting the construction of Broadband China and Fiber Networks in All the Cities expanding the optical network coverage in all the urban areas and townships and going all out to create a national Information Superhighway. In rural areas it has been building broadband networks according to local conditions to bridge the Digital Divide between urban and rural areas as the main force of the national information drive. The Company focuses on environmental protection and adheres to the concept of low-carbon telecommunications and green development. On this front it calls for the transformation of energy-saving technologies and the joint construction and sharing of mobile base stations to join the energy efficiency efforts of the general public. In the face of unexpected earthquakes floods and other natural disasters the Company always raced with the time to restore telecommunications in disaster-hit areas and provide a strong support to the rescue operations. Another case in point to demonstrate the Company's sense of social responsibility is its enthusiasm to take part in the undertakings for the public good and its loving care for the vulnerable groups. In that space the Company has been making donations in cash and in kind to help those in distress and aid those in peril to do its part for the harmonious development of the society. China Telecom's above efforts have been widely recognized by all sectors of the community as evidenced by a good number of awards it received e.g. the Most Innovative Chinese Company and one of the World's Most Admired Companies by the Fortune magazine for years in a row; one of Asia's Best Managed Companies and one of the Best Asian Telecom Companies by the Finance Asia magazine; one of Asia's Best Managed Companies by the Euromoney magazine; as well as one of Asia's Best Corporate Governance Enterprises and the award of Best Corporate Social Responsibility in China by the Corporate Governance Asia magazine. In addition China Telecom was named by the state ministries as one of the Enterprises with Excellent Performance and one of the Outstanding Enterprises of Corporate Social Responsibilities in China as well as one of the Excellent Enterprises for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction. The stock of China Telecom Corporation Limited was selected as one of the component stocks of the HKSE's Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index.


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4 liming zhang CEO
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