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Truphone is a global mobile network that operates its service internationally. It has headquarters in London and offices in Australia Germany Hong Kong Philippines Poland Spain the Netherlands Portugal the United States. Truphone offers three main products: Truphone a SIM-based GSM mobile service which offers customers improved voice and data performance as well as local rates (rather than roaming rates) in 66 countries. In eight (8) of these countries an area the company calls the Truphone Zone users can purchase additional local mobile phone numbers so their contacts in these countries are able to reach them with a local call. Truphone Mobile Recording which enables businesses to seamlessly record and securely store mobile communications. The Truphone App which allows free VoIP capabilities in addition to other features for iOS Android and BlackBerry devices.


S.No. First Name Last Name Job Title Email
1 Steve Alder Chief Business Development Officer
2 Alicia F. Executive Assistant To Chief Executive Officer
3 Michael Moorfield Chief Technology Officer
4 Harry Odenhoven Chief Operating Officer
5 Adam H. CFO

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