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 Telefónica Móviles España ( is the operator of Telefónica Móviles Group in the Spanish market where it has 18 7 million customers and offers a comprehensive portfolio of data services and applications using the latest mobile technologies including UMTS. Telefónica Móviles is one of the world s largest mobile operators and the leading cellular company in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking markets. At 30th September 2004 Telefónica Móviles customer base reached 71 9 million managed clients in 16 countries as a result of the agreement to acquire the cellular assets of BellSouth in Latin America. During 2003 Telefónica Móviles obtained revenues of EUR 10 070 million or 10.2% more than in 2002. EBITDA rose 19.5% to EUR 4 463 million while net profit totalled EUR 1 608 million. Telefónica Móviles is a founding member of the FreeMove alliance of European mobile operators


S.No. First Name Last Name Job Title Email
1 Luis Blasco Presidente & CEO
2 Luciana Barrera CIO
3 Federico Rava COO
4 Ernesto Gardelliano CFO
5 Marcelo Tarakdjian Vicepresidente de Telefonica Negocios Argentina

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