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YooMee Cameroon is the first provider of high speed wireless broadband internet in Cameroon. It offers a wireless broadband mobile Internet connection affordable and reliable for people and businesses in Cameroon. YooMee Cameroon is a subsidiary of YooMee Africa AG. YooMee Africa AG is a broadband operator based in Zurich Switzerland (www.yoomee-africa.com) providing wireless broadband Internet connectivity with exceptional quality in sub-Saharan Africa. The company is committed to help bridge the digital divide in sub-Saharan Africa. Since the launch of its activities in Cameroon in May 2011 in the city of Douala YooMee has not ceased to grow through innovation including in September 2011 the inauguration of the first showroom of an Internet operator in Cameroon. With its rapid growth in November 2011 the company launched its activities in the city of Yaoundé. The company has continued to grow in its activities using revolutionary techniques in promoting and making available internet services to the public. Through its innovative platforms the Company via road shows has continued to captivate the attention of the public. At the same time this has been accompanied by continuous innovation in products and service. Thus in November 2011 in collaboration with Microsoft YooMee launched for its clients a platform called YooMee Live services. In the same vein there was the placing on the market of revolutionary Modems equipments bringing to its customers a true benefit and a new internet experience through access to a richer and more diverse content. Indeed modems incorporating WIFI technology have provided to customers more mobility sharing of the connection is a genuine freedom in the use of the internet. YooMee in its mission of social responsibility in collaboration with the University of Douala signed an agreement on October 24 2012 to provide YooMee WIFI CAMPUS to enable the 80 000 university of Douala students to access to the YooMee network at highly competitive prices. With regards to this vitality the company has received several awards like the ASCOM prize for best communication 2012 in Cameroon. The company continues its growth in Cameroon in order to permanently stand as the leader in broadband internet supply in Cameroon.


S.No. First Name Last Name Job Title Email
1 Dov Bar-Gera Chairman & CEO dov.bar-gera@yoomee-africa.com
2 Eric TAMKO Director of Finance eric.tamko@yoomee-africa.com
3 Amiel CHOKOGOUE Market Manager amiel.chokogoue@yoomee-africa.com
4 Daniel MEPIN Network Deployment Manager daniel.mepin@yoomee-africa.com
5 Emmanuel Forson Managing Director emmanuel.forson@yoomee.cm

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